Don’t tear up Tarun Vijay to cloth yourself; he is just a mirror

Don’t tear up Tarun Vijay to cloth yourself; he is just a mirror for many Indians who are infatuated with fairness. Who silently ardor color or lack of it.

Tarun is told to have said “If we were racist, why would we have all the entire south…Tamil, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra…why do we live with them? We have black people around us,”

The rage from many is understandable but Tarun is just a mirror. A mirror many Indians decide not to look at. In my personal opinion this same white love is what even made India be ruled by the white britts for over 200 years. Even now Indians around the world who talk about equality have a different view when it comes to skin color. No wonder the color Brown is used by Indians more now as reference. Is it to show the skin color is not black?

I will not blame Tarun alone, because you cannot blame a person for being stupid. The thought he spoke is shared by many. It is just that if they are a well known personality and not as stupid as Tarun we do not get to hear about them.

And if someone is not well known, but harbors this idea then we all can see them as many they do not stop from commenting like this in closed circles. This is not about North and South, but the feeling some have that black is an inferior color. So Tarun is just a mirror for many. Blame him if you want, shout at him, write about him and demand apology and everything, But he is not the real issue

Just keep in mind Tarun’s apology still does not take care of the guy sitting next to you who is fairer than you and looks at you with pity because of your color. Or the person who is not fair and looks at the fair one as something superior. This is a universal discrimination and we need to fight it by elevating ourselves into a sense of equality that is beyond color. But many of our marketing is also based on that, Why else do you think skin fairness creams make its profitable rounds every year all over the world.

On a personal note I have cut of friendships and contacts with people who harbor such a thought on color and blatantly have made such statements in closed circles. Well you too can do that, yes some people you cannot cut off because of obligations, but some you can. But even if you have obligations, never side them and always object.

Fighting and shouting and writing against a Tarun Vijay whom many of us do not know personally is so easy. Take the step to fight such thoughts if it comes from your loved ones. Fight hard on them….

All I am saying is don’t hide behind Tarun Vijay just because he was stupid and got caught. Being two sided is a bigger crime than being stupid. And that is your mirror. Fight what is conscious and fight even harder what you think have become so more sub-concious.

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