Misery Suite – #10 of 365 Poems

Sometimes we think
our burden is so big,
people just don’t get it.

And then we walk in the sun
It gets dark and we continue walking.

You see people coming out
people who can come out only in the dark
Like the world does not want them in the light.

They look at your advertised burden and laugh.
You continue to walk till the sun rises again
And then you look back.

As people return back to where they came from
you feel lighter, you will complain less
But it is so unfair.

You have to see people miserable than you
to value what you have
you could have felt better, if only you did not
But you did…
You added to other people’s misery.
Like you had nothing to do with them.

So do one thing
Walk back in that darkness and climb out on the other side
shake hands with everyone you see
you all are equal
it is the world that looks different to us.

Categories: Poetry


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