Rivers that Boil Dreams #46 of 365 Poems

There are rivers that boil dreams.
I did not believe at first, till I went there.

It was fine when I took the first dip.
On the second dip I could hear a grumble.
I saw the bubbles rise up.

My friends laughed out loud,
thinking that was me fart.
I could have but this was not me.
It was the river.

I saw it bubbling more a bit far away
I was too far from the bank to escape.
I decided this was it.

“Boiled alive on the river bed”
Have thought of many ends, but not this one.
I swam towards the shore like never before
But it was late.
The alarm rang and I woke up.
I know now…. I have experienced it
There are rivers that boil dreams.