Walk The Clock – #47 of 365 Poems

I walked past 2 PM on a stopped Clocked,
I hung for just over 5 minutes at the 12 mark.
and then walked towards the number 2.

I know the clock has stopped.
But I still had some hope,
that the minutes needle would move… just a bit.

I am not sure why I should hoped for that.
When I know I can walk past time.

In a crumbled paper I wrote down a number between 1 and 12
And I continued to walk.

I walked till I reached 6 and I sat down.
I meditated for around 2 minutes.
It seemed like hours.

But time was no more a factor.
2 minutes can be 10 hours to me now; who cares?

I continued to walk and reached a broken 10.
It was a late hour,
waking up and remaining awake.

It no more matters if AM or PM
10 was the fucking hard time when you had no control on.
I slept there for a long time.

I woke up and looked around.
I looked up and saw the minutes needle still on 12.
But the Hours needle had stepped back into 1.
I continued to walk.

It was hot at 12
Things were not like how I left.
I realized the lack of time.
and what time does to clocks.
they go crazy and die

I smiled and again walked past 2…
Who cares? I control time…
in my own little clock world

And mind you…
I keep time for everything
I don’t care if the minutes needle is bigger
Because I work by the hour 🙂