When I was young I could remember anything, whether it happened or not

It is said that memory fades when people age. As human beings we have a unique ability to forget even without age. As life takes us through the circumference of the globe some of us tend to forget people and events. Sometimes these are the same people and events that made us who we are, things that contributed to shaping us and our thinking.

Mark Twain Said

When I was young I could remember anything, whether it happened or not

I like this quote because it talks to me about imagination. The ability to imagine things like it is something from the memory, like it happened and we were part of it.

We live in a society where as an adult if we imagine things that vividly we could be branded as someone who is not realistic. But imagination, Isn’t that the key to everything we see around.

Someone had the imagination and then they dared to dream and then developed the guts to pursue it and make it happen.

Before anything gets done it is important that you can imagine it, or to take Mark Twain’s words from above; remember it even if it has not happened.

Conversation with Kids in my opinion is important for our imaginations to be alive, along with not losing that awe on things around us. Go back into a time in the past and think what you remember. Try bringing it back to you in time, savor it, feel it, dream it, make it happen

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