A profession where you can keep getting better

Is there one such profession where you keep getting better. I think every profession that we see gives us the opportunities to be better. The question is how we define better. And the fact is that we don’t get better in any profession unless we start doing something about it.

It is not always about skills enhancement; it might be about the difference we make to the world around us by doing what we do. Sometimes it is not the profession; but the relationships we build that makes us better. Sometimes it is the financial possibilities that help us grow further. ‘Getting better’ is a whole bunch of things and there is always a few we can find in every profession. But we need to ask ourselves.

What is my definition of ‘Getting Better’?

‘Getting Better’ has a lot to do with learning and observing. Learning new things and learning new ways of doing old things. And it is about observing how other people do things both better than us and not as good as us.

It is about learning from those who do something better than us and it is also about helping, coaching and training and mentoring those who do not do things as good as us.

Our sense of ‘Getting Better’ should not be self centered and should included a broader group; the team, the company, the society and so on

This helps us focus on what is important in our definition of ‘Getting Better’ and Get Better which ever profession we are in. Before we say something is not working, we should take a step back and see why we thinks so.

On a personal note, I want to share that there has been many places I have thought I am not ‘Getting Better’ but every time I have found myself wrong because there is something I have learned and been able to teach in the places I work. Did every job help me financially in a better way? NO, but did I get better in any way. Yes, I did.

I have ‘Gotten Better’ even in some jobs that I really did not like to be in. I have a learned a lot even from people I found it very difficult to work with. I think there is a positive side to things once we start defining our sense of ‘Getting Better’ in a Profession.

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