The Ball in your Backyard #50 of 365 Poems

A ball of bold imaginations filled up.
just ready to be kicked into space,
has been lying in the backyard.

Don’t blame the legs that walked away,
instead of kicking it.
The world has been kicking the butt-
that those legs carried around.

Don’t blame the world.
it’s job is to kick asses.
with fury, with love and with gentle deceit.
The legs that run slow get kicked more.
It’s the law…
And No one knows about the ball.

Sometimes the world kicks some ass;
and the legs come running into the backyard.

And one such leg gets real pissed off
It runs all around and finally
gives the ball a Kick.

That is when the world changes
and it gets a new hero.

Don’t blame anyone.
Just praise the world around for being
so tough to cope with.
And for putting a ball in your backyard.

So get out into your Backyard
And kick some Balls.

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