Respecting a woman is more important than being able to say who your Father is

There are many who make fun of the Father’s day celebrations and here is one picture that is floating on the internet.. and here is my answer to those morons who share it.

I think my fatherhood can only be confirmed by the mother of my kids. Just like that our Father’s identity can only be confirmed by our mothers.  And if they change the person that also changes. So fragile is our pride on our fatherhood.

There is a saying that mom is truth and dad is just an assumption… That’s same for me, you and everyone in this world, unless the people who share this picture have figured out theirs through a DNA matching…

And who the heck told you that Fatherhood is about blood relations. There are many men who can father a child, but not all can be a good father.

I see this picture shared by some people, who probably were mocking about a cultural low in America and I want to answer them on their stupidity. Understand that Respecting a woman is more important than being able to say who your Father is. Let us look at cultures where women are respected. The cultures where women are respected have better Fathers. And in my opinion Women are more free and respected in America

Father’s Day is about the role and responsibility of being a Father and not the pompous roar of masculinity. It is about taking care of kids with a gentle consideration as needed and being a kid with them; it is not always about a Brute Machoism.

Have a nice day…

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