Walking in your Dad’s Shoes #49 of 365 Poems

Walking in your dad’s shoes
It starts with wearing his shoes;
and walking around in the house.

Then your feet grow, bigger than your dad’s.
Your tastes change, your dislikes shape up.
you like a shoe, not because it is dad’s;
but because it is yours.
You leave your dad’s shoe and find your own.
You leave an old man waving behind.

Then you become a dad;
You see your kid wearing your shoe and walking.
Memories of your dad steps out of those little feet.
And you walk into the shoe and disappear.
Yes you have become your old man.

We see cycles all over life,
repetitions that make webs of memory.
webs in which you get caught up,
at times completely paralyzed, unable to move.
Ready to be eaten by eight legged realities.
But then you wake up.
No one can sleep paralyzed for eternity.

Everyone is saved from their memory in the last moment.
Its a cliff hanger that ends well.
And you have to start walking the Journey,
side by side with your multi-existence.

The dad in you picks up the son in you
and you both walk barefooted on the
sand paved memory lane.
Life repeats and you follow..

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