Remorseful Uneasiness – #52 of 365 Poems

A brief period of remorseful uneasiness;
But then it vanishes,
as if everything you have done till now was perfect.

Planned and executed flawlessly,
as if life is something you read out of a book,
And then you run till another brief moment comes
again a remorseful uneasiness hovers.

We will all one day leave for the woods,
where the shadows don’t fall on fallen leaves,
where we don’t have to tell stories
for people to feel good.

But for today we have to accept
that every remorse will be followed
by a fabricated sense of fulfillment.

And the uneasiness?
Well who ever told you life was easy?
Life is just a repetition.
what you like will end.
what you don’t like will also end.
And you too will end..
May be even before the end…

So hang in there
fly when you can
sit still when you can
And dance, sing and live
between those brief periods of Your Remorseful Uneasiness

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