Rajkummar is a wonderful actor with an ‘exceptional’ tag to all his roles; Waiting for his Newton

There are a lot of Good actors in Indian Cinema and there are some wonderful actors. Rajkummar falls into the wonderful bucket with an ‘exceptional’ tag to it. His movies are ones I will be looking forward for and I see he has several releases coming this year.

I wrote about Nawazuddin the day I watched Kahani. On Rajkummar I am way too late penning this post. Over the past few years Rajkummar has given us so many great performances and I feel bad that I did not dedicate a post to him.

My bad that I did not write after watching ‘Kai Po Che or Shahid or Aligarh, but last few weeks I watched two movies of his; City Lights and Trapped. Wow!! what a phenomenal actor.

I am looking forward for his Newton. Amit V Masurkar who directs Newton had also given us Suleimani Keeda some time back.

So am I looking forward for his ‘5 Weddings’ where we will also have Bo Derek acting with him.

You can also see him in ‘Love Sonia’ along side Demi Moore 🙂 Yes! Demi Moore. Surprised…? Don’t be this dude is going places.

Raj’s role as the Journalist Deepu Sebastian in the real life story ‘Aligarh’ and his portrayal of the human rights activist Shahid Azmi in the movie ‘Shahid’ will surely make you give him a standing ovation.

And just about when you are about to put him into the fine actors section he will load you with City Lights and Trapped both depicting the raw survival instinct of human beings, one amidst the crowd and one in solitude. Now you need to keep him in a new genre of actors… So Don’t miss any of these movies

I have not watched Raabta but I heard Raj has done the role of a 324 year old man. And that’s interesting.

Rajkummar, Your selection of roles and the raw talent that you infuse into your roles glitter more in the Showbiz than anything else and I wish you best for all your upcoming Projects.


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