My World of Bookmarks #53 of 365 Poems

There is a big heap of books
on a side table on my left side;
Each book with a different kind of bookmark

There are Bookmarks with pictures of my kids
Bought during the annual picture day, where
you take the best deal and
end up with different types of your kid’s same pictures.
And you can never throw them,
The Dilemma of parents.

There are bookmarks that were once visiting cards
People who in the day of internet carried with pride
and handed me in some meeting
There are also my own visiting card
unused ones from long ago
with titles of a past life.

There are bookmarks that I bought from the bookstalls
From the cheap stacks as you walk
towards the aisle.
bookmarks that read the quotes of famous writers
Some are even free;
the ones that the bookstall gives out free.

Then there are bookmarks that are old Grocery receipts
receipts when you bought Brandy, Coffee and Milk and eggs
Many different ones, from different retailers
All bend and folded
to reach the needed firmness

And then there are books that have a pen
or a pencil
And I see one with some retailers loyalty card

There is even a used gift card, an old Credit Card
a playing card, torn piece of paper

And some books
they have pages folded to mark
where you stopped reading.

I sometimes feel I have a bigger variety
of bookmarks than books.
And still on the shelf there are many
with no bookmarks

Books I bought and never once opened.
I need to at least get them
a Bookmark

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