A shot of the blood in our News #55 of 365 Poems

There is not a day that passes
without blood splashing on the world news.
It has become a norm, and
the morning Breakfast smells of raw flesh.

Every single news, acts as a verdict on me.
Asking me to count the deaths that my silence has fed on.
Oh! not just mine, even yours.

Did you know that our silence,
suffocates even people we do not know?
Total strangers who die from our silence
Kids, women, men, new borns…
Our silence kills every day.

And what about the words?
they are all buried in beautiful passages
adorning the colorful power house cabins
in every part of the world.

Do we really write for change anymore?
I don’t see the news changing.
I don’t see the redness reduce.
I still see the blood is fresh.
May be a news will not be news,
unless it is dripping in blood.

Are you in the News?
Hope you will not be.
And don’t go alone with your silence,
to where the words are marching.
They might slaughter you for the next news.

If that ever happens my friend.
If that ever happens….
I promise you…
I will read the news with blood in my tears.
And I will rewrite this poem again.

Tell me you will do the same for me.

We have a choice
and that is to lend our words
and burn our silence.
Not tomorrow, but today…
And March with the words,
shouting at the world.

So let us today drink,
Drink to the blood in the news
I have a shot ready for you.
Let us break the silence