Wounded World and Revolting Words #56 of 365 Poems

Wounded worlds need words,
long, short, conjoined,
meaningful words.

Words that become
something new,
when uttered with an emotion.

Wounded words also fill sentences
describing the worlds
we live in.

Even words misplaced
in the right sentences
seem too normal now.

Words that exist
just for Correctness
so world can slip into another day

I love words, don’t get me wrong
but they are also part
of a Conspiracy theory

The words that cannot make a difference
has taken over the world,
and wounded it

We need a word revolution.
Words that can change the world
heal it, should rise and revolt

Go collect your words.
ask them to march
loud and clear to the Truth

Wounded Worlds need words.
Go organize the words
to heal and change.

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