The Sweat-washed Skin of Love #58 of 365 Poems

The first time I saw you
as you walked pass my milky way
drenched in an ocean covered evening,
I left my blue laden skies open with
waves rising up in the shape of clouds
and I let the star fishes swim in my stillness.

I have wondered many a time after that day.
like I have seen every single part of you since then
and with you I have spend countless moments
even in my solitude.

Saying I cannot recollect all moments,
that would be a lie.
but you have always been good to me
and when ever our skin has touched each other
there have been showers outside
and I have seen the sweat dripping
from your forehead onto my lips
and it was always sweet
sweeter than the sweetest.

On bare earth as we slept
like serpents muscled in mud,
and you opened your eyes and
absorbed me through the mud as
we kissed passionately.
I thought that was the end.
but life was not done
and it had to move the needle again
and I know it will move again.

May be this is all a dream or
may be it has all happened
and even now when I close my eyes
I can feel your sweat on my lips
and I can taste you.

I know I am not lying;
and the reality resides in your mind as well
I can understand if you cannot remember
and I cannot forget.
how can you remember when all the memory
seems to be just mine.
I will not give them to you,
even if that means you never knowing me.

There is a sense of mysteriousness that
lives inside me today
and I will name it something beautiful
the name of a flower that is never born
may be we will never meet again
and you will never know how I feel
but here I call you in this nameless poem
that will remind you if nothing, at least
a way to know that there was a meeting
a meeting of flesh and fingers
and I live on it
and that I look forward to many more of them
even if it never happens

I am not the first and I know
I am not the last
and yes nothing really ends

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