Independence And Freedom #57 of 365 Poems

Independence, Freedom and the power to choose;
Everyone deserves it.
My freedom should never deny you, your Independence;
And that depends purely on my choices.

I am a Free man; I think so.
And so, I have responsibilities;
I am responsible for my choices.
My choices today has its ramifications.
It can effect the freedom and Independence
of others, today and tomorrow.
My choices can impact other people’s ability to make choices

It is not just about me;
It is also the same about you.
Our choices as independent Free human beings
in a free world…
it should not just be about us.

Our choices matter;
Not because they are ours;
Not because they serve us alone good.
But because they have the power.
the power to unleash its consequences on others.

Next time you wish someone Independence
It does not matter their nationality,
Ask them to make the right choices.
Tell them independence comes with responsibility
So they make choices that don’t hamper Independence
Make choices that don’t curtail the Freedom of others.
Make choices that reflect True Independence.
the human independence;
the human Freedom;
the human choices for a better world.

We are not truly free
Every nation is free only within its Boundaries
But our humanity?
It is (should be) boundless

We are not really independent
Every nation depends on other nations
But our ability to change should be independent

We all have choices;
We are free to make the right and wrong ones.
the right ones are good for others;
the wrong ones are bad for others;
Make the right choices.

Be independent
Be Free
Be Brave

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