Do You want to Share My Bed? #59 of 365 Poems

Why do you get angry
when I ask you to share my bed.
you don’t know me
you don’t know where I live
you don’t even know how I look
yet you have that image of someone naked
lying next to you
you think of my embrace and you are disgusted
you don’t even know how my bed looks
you don’t know if I am homeless
if I live on a cold pavement
on a cardboard sheet
and it is a cold night
and it is raining
and I see you
just like me
you don’t even have a cardboard
no coat; no blanket
I look into your eyes
and I cannot say
is it tears or rain drops
I look at your face
And I see myself in my worst rainy day
I stand up and slowly walk to you
I ask you to share my bed
and you agree
you don’t know me
Are you still angry?
Do you still imagine my body naked?
Do you still feel that disgust in my embrace
Do you care how I look
Do you care who I am
so tell me.. I ask you again
,Do you want to share my Bed?,

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