Looking forward for a Monday at Work

Last week a question started bothering me. Do people really hate Mondays? We all have seen people who on a Monday and on the same Friday look like they are not even related to each other. They appear and act as if they are two different people.

Most of us might not see them on a Sunday evening to know if there is a third person inside them born out of this Monday Fear. Does this mean all people hate Mondays?

Personally I have had Mondays that I hated and I have had Mondays that I looked forward to. I have heard the same from others as well. This told me that there are things that makes Mondays feel good. But What??

Work on your Fridays to make your Mondays Beautiful

To give you a small example, if we leave the office on Friday with a very positive note about the work we do, we would be more than ever happier when Monday comes. It makes Monday as something to look forward to. And this lays down my case to make Friday a office day and not a Work From Home day. I know some people will hate me for that. But I think if not, at least we should make Friday as appreciation days for us and our team and colleagues.

Work on your Friday to make it one for your most Productive days

Personally I don’t think people hate to work . But I believe some people need to be coached to love work. And this coaching is not just about work alone, it is about the people you work with, your relationships,  the place you work, the appreciation you get and those you give.

I believe that there should always be a positive culmination to anything; a project, a day, a meeting and even a week. Make Friday your positive conclusion day.

Let Friday be the day for you to sum up your week’s effort. Leave your work week with Energy and come back on Monday with Energy

I am a strong believer that there is a lot of fun and play even at work. May be not all the time but there are many times. Now if someone feels that responsibilities are never fun then that is a different issue; because work is all about responsibility and accountability.

Mark twain in his book ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ says

Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do; Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do

The book is one, many of us would have read as kids and some of us (if you are like me) have a copy in the book shelf. I like Mark Twain and so if you feel work is an obligation then you should add some play to it. Play comes from doing things that as Mark Twain says you are not obliged to. May be things like going outside your way to help someone. Doing something that helps you learn something new. No one asked you to, but you contributed to.

If you look at it, both work and play make us fatigued at the end. While one appears to be a happy energetic fatigue; the other is a fatigue mixed with relief; that you yourself  know is short lived.

When you do not mix work and play you end up generating Friday Fatigue that camouflages itself as relief and happiness. Instead you should be generating energetic Fridays that feed into your Mondays.

Happy Monday to All of You!!! This Friday leave work with something to be happy about your work and see the difference. And add a bit of play into your work

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