Don’t try to turn the Wheel Back by BANNING Creative Work; You will Fail

“If you would like to be enlightened on our society and the times we live in, then read my work. However, if you are unable to stand to read my work, it means that it is our times and society today that you cannot stand.” These are the words of Saadat Hassan Manto when his work was labeled as vulgar and obscene in Lahore.

Whenever there is a Ban on art, literature, movies and other creative endeavors it is because the rule makers do not like to acknowledge things around them. They hate the times they live in and are working to turn the wheel backwards. They know it is futile and hence they resort to misuse of power and force. May be they will even burn the whole vehicle and walk back.

But if they want to walk back in time and reach their ‘Glorified dark Ages’ they should pass the streets where the likes of Manto live. In those streets of time bustling in creative light they will be asked to answer for every rule they made, every ban they enforced and every bullet and force they used to silence the voices of the truth of the times.After that they will be catapulted back to the present because even the rule makers are here today because of the bold steps the progressives took back in time.

They just don’t understand that creativity in its naked beautiful self devoid of any divine puppeteer strings exist much beyond their reach. Creativity blooms just beside them unscathed by the futile attempts of their pervert clout.

The rule makers and Ban enforces live in a world where it is being changed outside the rules they make. It has happened for centuries and it will continue on.. because if we do not change we will not exist tomorrow.

I dedicate this post to all those writers, movie makers and creative artists and some of my friends who have created what the authorities call ‘Questionable’ and are having that daily struggle with censor boards across the globe to get their work in front of the audience.

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