For Big Ideas to catch on they need Short Films more than Big Names

How does change happen? It happens in many ways but the most powerful in my opinion is when you can create a glimpse that give people a long vision into the future. That is exactly what the young film maker John Samuel has achieved through his 90 second micro short film ‘Allagi’. ALLAGI is a Greek word and means the CHANGE or shift or transition.

We have seen the clean India movement in through words, advertisements, and screens and with a lot of money spend. Stalwarts from all fields took the brooms and walked around the city, posed for cameras, got covered on morning and evening news and then they probably went back to their own worlds may be. I don’t hear about it much, at least not from the big names who came out as poster boys and poster Girls for it. I am not complaining, but telling you how short lived the Big Advertisements can be in our new connect world. What we need is movies like what John has made.

With Allagi John brings Creativity, excellent film making and Honesty blended with that innocence which beckons us all to be Good or at least better. I would request you all to share this Video.  Not this post but the Video link on YouTube so it can reach more people.

Thank You John for making this movie and folks, look out for this young director in town and mark my words you are going to see his fire, burning on the big screen sometime soon.

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