Half Earth By Edward O. Wilson Goodreads 44/50

Half Earth is the final episode of E.O Wilson’s Trilogy addressing the question “Where are we going?” and it follows his earlier books “Where do we come from?” (The Social Conquest of Earth, 2012), and “What are we?” (The Meaning of Human Existence, 2014)

Also known as the Father of Sociobiology and Biodiversity in his ‘Half Earth’ Wilson is telling us that the biosphere does not belong to us alone. In his captivating method of prose he explains how it is important to our survival.

He says that the problem in from of us is much more than what we really think and his proposal is a measure as big in magnitude as the problem. Reserving half the surface of the Earth to nature. I am not sure how practical that is.

Half Earth is presented as our Planet’s struggle for Survival throwing light on the devastating impact of human stupidity and unwillingness to understand the importance of preservation. We live at a time when people at the top call climate change and the dangers to our Biosphere as Hoax and continue to be less interested in the discussions to slow the process.

I don’t consider myself well versed in any of these, but in its basic literacy level I can understand that this planet is the only the thing you have to live on and we all experience the pollution that makes it livable for us in many places of the world. We feel so good when we take a deep breathe in a place filled with nature.

I also know that no one else will do anything and it is the individual responsibility be Earth Good when and where possible. I have not read Wilson’s other books, but many times in life you reach step 3 without going through the other 2 and you have to go back. I will do the same on Wilson’s books 🙂

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