My Invented Country by Isabel Allende – Goodreads Challenge 45/50

“It is much easier to Kill your Spouse than get a Divorce” Isabel Allende’s humorous narration to convey how difficult it is in Chile to get out of the Clutches of the Church. My Invented Country is Isabel Allende’s nostalgic Journey through Chile. Such a refreshing read, my first book by Isabel Allende.

Isabel sprinkles the book with Neruda that comes up quite often in her narrations. From her childhood in Chile and her relationship with her Grandfather and Mother and Family she takes us through Chile in such an enjoyable journey.

She touches on the political time of Salvador Allende who was the first Marxist to become president of a Latin American country through open elections and the subsequent overthrow by dictator Pinochet and his military.

She recollects the time of disappearances and torture under Pinochet and her exile to Venezuela, how her marriage that falls apart and then she subsequently marries and moves to US. She says this is her Invented Country because she reconstructs her Chile from her memories and what she wishes of it.

Such an amazing engrossing memoir marking my 45th Book in the Goodreads 50 Book Challenge in 2017

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