So what is the Padmavati issue about?

They say it is the Ghoomar song, but that is already on Youtube…. So what is the issue?

Maybe if you tell these protesters that let us first take all the objectionable scenes in Padmavati and mash them up together and show it to public so that people can understand how objectionable they are, they might agree….. 🙂 I believe these protesters have a very high IQ….. because they know so much about what is objectionable and what is not….

After all they only want the film released after censoring the objectionable scenes, let’s do two releases… one for objectionable scenes and one the whole movie without those scenes. Let us educate the public…

And for Alauddin Khilji…. Who the heck cares who he is…. Old story… what’s your problem…? People talk as if they were there when Khilji was walking around. Anyway many people around the world would be searching for Alauddin Khilji on Google. Some will read and then protest. Some will protest without reading. Some will just protest. Dil pe Mat le yaar……

But at the same time when you tell people should not protest, please don’t forget that in this world there are many people who object Satanic verses or Da Vinci Code or Lajja. They are also works of Art… and I think every work of Art is to be accepted

The issue is many people are so touchy…. as if their belief systems are so fragile that cartoons or movies or books can make them invalid.

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