Satyapal Singh, Apes, Ganesha, Adam and Eve – Who has seen an Ape become a Man? Tell me?

What is the big issue… Satyapal is My hero…. The mythic Pundits who have become the ministers in Indian Government are very educated…. You cannot question then…. I agree with #Satyapal… I won’t call him an idiot…. a fool.. or a jerk… What is said is very True!!! No one saw the ape turn into a monkey 🙂 or man or human or satyapal or me or you….. or our parents…. None of us did…. Did you…?… Like who is your dad… and you look at your mom… what…? Not a fact… just a Myth…. mom is a fact and dad is myth…..

But we all have seen a father (Shiva) severe his kid Ganesha’s head and then because the mom insisted as mom’s always love their kids more than their dads (non anti-feminists; rationalists and otherwise don’t eat me). The Father says that before sunset if any animal is willing to give its head up, that head should be brought and fixed. And we know in those day’s animals can decide for themselves and they usually voluntarily give up their heads every now and then for the greater good of the society…. you know the the sacrifice and stuff….

Now Why an animal head…? Very important question… Because… Because… it is impossible to make Ganesha alive in his original form…. See even Gods are not perfect (this is before they made the movie ‘Gods must be Crazy). And before there were man gods who can patent even a style of breathing……

Luckily we had Gajasura come in and help out here… out was born the Ganesha…Yes dude! the same Ganesha that you illiterate and spiritually challenged people understand as having an Elephant Head… No! it is not a birth defect as many of you allopathic morons think… it is fact……. real fact that happened and have been Verbally communicated down through generations…

Even today we spend crores of rupees every year on this fact… (not myth fact..)…. a fact just like what that idiot hoodwinker Dr. Zakir Hussain says “Evolution is ;Theory of Evolution Quran is not just a theory… it is fact…”
yes that kind of damn f$%^#ng fact….

We have seen all that… and so since we have not seen an ape turn into a man… that bearded Darwin is wrong…. it is just a theory not the real fact…..

Now, I don’t want any of my enlightened religious friends to like this because Satyapal is not the first guy who has rejected the Theory of Evolution.. before him people from Islam and Christian community have rejected it and both of them have not figured how come Adam an Eve are shown to have belly buttons… Sirs… Madams… it is not an aberration in creation… it is the reflection of the womb we all are born into..
Keep faith where it belongs… don’t let it meddle with the life we all live in…..

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