The Ambassador – From My India Trip

There is a 1829 book by Xavier de Maistre called ‘Journey round my room’…. it’s about a young officer who gets locked in his room and travels around the room using his imagination rather lavishly and in the process becomes both familiar and explores new things about the nook and corner of his little place…

Traveling is about experience and it’s fun taking them through ambassador car and Cadbury chocolate…. Though ambassador is not something they will thank for comfort but hopefully later in life they will Thank for the experience. 

A visit to the bookstore is a ritual and I could steal 30 Malayalam books from DC Books… (don’t take the steal literally)… another ritual that most people know is accompanying your wife to give blouses for stitching…. the famous saree affair; and then off to indulging in some fried fish and then meeting an old friend after 20 years…. who now sits on one of the power chairs that propel power to Kerala homes at KSEB ‘Kerala State Electricity Board’…..

I am typing this sitting in the Ambassador front seat unbuckled and squished with my son….. Some nostalgic moments are not the most comfortable. But experience what you might not a few years from now…..

The flight is at 12:30 to Bangalore and I have a good 2 hours in this acrobatic position…. the street crowds and tire screech and we move forward calculating the depth of each pothole rather meticulously…. our driver seems to be a champion in the ‘pothole measuring’ sport while behind the wheels

-Vinod- (dt 1/4/18)

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