Bengaluru I will be Back…. soon….

‘This is a city that always has an air-condition on’ my friend said as we embarked on our trip to Bangalore in 1994… Getting down at Kalasipalayam before dawn I did agree with him and felt bad that I did not take a jacket…. well I did not have one to be honest…. dressed in a buttonless white kurtha we head for Mathikere…. That was 24 years ago….. the air conditioning is broken now but still the breeze from those times is lingering here…. for some people memories don’t bother them…. I am not sure if they are lucky…. but I am not one among them…. my life is build on memories more than dreams …..

The city has changed and I have also felt that the few times I have come here in the last 20 years…. but I have been able to recover her in her early form…. reconstruct her from my memories…. but this time I don’t have enough time…. I can’t stand on MG road and close my eyes and make the over bridges and traffic disappear and ride my bullet all over the city making frequent stops at the many places that housed my friends in Hanumant nagar, JP Nagar, Indira nagar and so on….. Cannot make a trip to Mathikere and walk past those memories of us jobless engineers piling on our employed seniors…. well not this time….. it is just for 2 days with family….. but I have time for a by two coffee…. not the sophisticated coffee day… but the small coffee that emanates the power of shared economy…. and also the evening and morning strolls through small streets, some that have evolved into traffic brewed main roads and some still sticking to it’s nostalgic past…..

I will be back bengaluru… and I will walk past your navel in between your beautiful breasts and stand by your lips and kiss you….. Bengaluru….I will be back for you…..
-Vinod- (dt

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