Through the Land of Nirmalyam

Time stands still even in the leaves; they still fall from those old trees that stand tall bearing the memories of moments stuck in time. As a kid my vacations were spend mostly with my maternal grand parents in a place called mookkuthala…. the place where the iconic film nirmalyam was shot… my one and only film appearance…. a stop here is another ritual of my India trip…

The old house is demolished but a small one is there so I can push my thoughts a bit back into my mind’s architecture… the old temple pond is not usable but it cleans a lot of the clutter in me… the view of the fields covered with water still talk back to the kid in me…. the old gate on which I use to swing and the old tree on which we had a swing… the badam tree dropped one down welcoming…..not really, I just imagined:’ 

We paid respects to the eldest person on my mom’s side who just turned 99…. who happens to be my great grand uncle and Rahi’s Great Great Grand Uncle… he has been visiting the Himalayas for the past 27 odd years and even last year…. and revered my many… he and my Grand dad built the first school in the region in which apparently both my mom studied….

It’s interesting to note that some of these old sights are not so common when you visit cities and there is a simple goodness in these images that flows…. meeting elderly people… Rahi also got to meet the teachers who taught his granny… generations where education was the gift….

Even though we see through our eyes, we feel through our hearts…. you can see what I saw through my eyes in these pictures… but my words cannot fully paint what I feel…. we grow younger when we tread old roads….. young enough to start living more in the future….

the need to simplify… to minimize…. to slow down….. not just where the pace of life is slow…. but even to slow down in a running world…. we need not run with or against anyone…. we can be over taken and we will still stop and wait and view and taste….. and feel…. we will hold hands and let time flow….. over it and through it… we will become time…… a smile…. a warm hug…. happily….
-Vinod- (dtd-1/7/18)

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