The Art of being Lazy

When you stretch life between ‘There is nothing much you can do’ and ‘there a lot you have to do’; you will find that time and space kind of disappears and you are reduced into a single point from where you can go either ways.

Throw it all in the ring and jump into it or just stop lean back and relax. Either way no fucking soul really cares…. šŸ™‚ And that is the beauty of it… they might say they do…. but they don’t…..

The world would really love you to jump into the frying pan naked or get on a thread mill that goes no where or just act busy and tell people you have 18 hour days and use that like a feather on a cap. Well using that cap to cover your bald life… is it worth it?

The same people will absolutely fight you with words, swords, tooth and nail if you lean back and relax…. like you are the one who is turning this world…. šŸ™‚ How dare You…

But then once you lean back and get Lazy in its true sense you wake up.. the choice is you want to be the tiger that wakes up from a relaxed laziness or the other life forms who wait for the tiger to wake up so they can see some real action…

Go lazy with you life, more frequently because the world will spin even without you. Sometimes your laziness is what will make you productive. You will end up focussing your energy and getting more done in short time. Tomorrow if someone tells you they have 18 hour work days, listen to them… they need help.. they just don’t know it yet…..

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