Circles of Life – Visiting my Home Town

Wordsworth’s poem used the proverb ‘The child is the father of the man’. For many it denotes the unchanged man, about habits of childhood shaping the adult. For me it always reminds me of the little circles of life we complete before we get to a full circle… When I first wore my dad’s shoe and it perfectly fit me, it was one circle; when my friend’s son joined the same college we studied, it felt like a circle,

this trip has been many such circles for me from meeting cousins… relatives…. friends…. food…. feast…. warming even those frozen memories….. yesterday I took my son to the school I studied and then to where I grew up…. and when he stood on the same streets I grew up and played cricket and badminton with the kids of my childhood friends, it was another circle…. and when we stood and watched them play….. transporting back in time to bowl or bat in an innings we all had scored a winning score…. it was another circle….

I walked forward a bit and stood at that part of the street where I stood decades ago with a cricket bat in my hand and my dad walked past me and waved me goodbye that one last time….. another circle was formed…… there will be more and more such circles before we complete our final circle and unwind into a straight line from here to eternity…. the man….. the child….. the memories…..

then we visited my cousins I had not seen for decades and to my college and met with the my teachers…… more circles….. more and more circles before the straight line…….

-Vinod- (dtd. 1/9/18)

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