Finale to Farewell 

The finale was almost half the event…. Last few days found us traveling and meeting more friends and family and attending the marriage of my cousin….. for me it’s been the four F words Family, Friends, Fun and Food followed by one more ‘F’ word ‘Farewell’ time to say bye….. For people like me who have left their homes they are bound to face this farewell in every trip…. The traveler cannot escape farewells even during his home comings.

To move, to leave behind, to part with a tear or soaking in a choke is our common denominator… but all farewells need a next time to look forward to…. a hope of a next time that will repeat….

This was the trip where my son realized how big a family he had…. and this is only part of it….  I am fully to blame not bringing him here more frequently and the takeaway for me is to change that….. I wish I was not this far away from here…. I guess we all wish like that……

As always I take back more memories and more books….. and new perspectives into life… of what is important and what is not….. If there is one thought that I bring back from the trip is….

‘We don’t build a perfect world…. We just strive for it and in the process we perfect navigating through our struggles…..

Farewell till next time…. After the world has turned itself several times there will be another trip to meet those who I missed this time……

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