I am loyal to my fault

I am loyal to my fault
but I don’t pull people into my river;
even if they know how to swim.
the last thing you want is for someone to drown
in your river…
I mean you cannot even save them..
It’s your river.
And I am loyal to my fault.

I can see the suffering of another man,
like seeing an incandescent lamp burn out.
My hands on the switch and yet knowing,
my action will not make a difference.
Accepting flickers as a whole lifetime.
I know, yet I am loyal to my fault.

I kiss on other people’s foreheads
like we have the same bodies.. So intimate…
I walk next to people who laugh
at my every possession…
just because, I am loyal to my fault

I sit with people
our feet immersed in memories…
We let ripples form,
and slowly we step in and disappear….
I am loyal to my fault;
that is why I never admit it in public.