Don’t try getting into the Good Books!!!

“You need to work in order to get into their Good Books” we have all heard that a few times. It sounds as if people are walking around with two books in their hand. One to write the names of the Good people and one to note the names of bad people.

My theory is simple. if we are working for a company, our job or our responsibility or what we are paid for is not to get into someone’s good books. It is to perform a work effectively and deliver the results. But if you go the Good Book entry path, there is no end… you have to get into the Good book of someone who is in the good book of someone who is…. You get it… it never ends… so my recommendation is don’t do that. At the end, it won’t leave you happy, it leaves you worn out.

A person’s Good book will not last, but a Good person will last and by a good person I mean people who can deliver value by being fair.

There is one thing though, You can avoid being in the Bad book and that is called Tact. You can be considerate and use a bit of tact when you deal with people. It is all in your hands, eyes and words that power to piss someone off or not.

To be honest it is so easy to piss off someone. Even an email that does not consider the mindset of the receiver who probably is reading it after a really messy day can put you in a bad spot. So..

Be Considerate. Be Good rather than trying to get into Good Books.

And if you do everything that you think is right and still you are in Bad Books of someone and that gets you very close to the exit door, just open it and walk out! You are more valuable that what is written in someone’s Good or Bad book.

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