Build Your Dream Network BYDN By Kelly Hoey

Just finished reading Kelly Hoey’s book ‘Build Your Dream Network’. When I was on page 162 I wanted to give a try to what she was saying in her book.

I went on Twitter and looked at one of her tweets and replied to it “Reading Your Book on Page 162 as of yesterday, will soon have a review” and she replied back.

There are ways to connect with people. Though the initial intention of my reply was to just test, not Kelly, but what she was writing I was sincere in my tweet. I read substantially, but not always do I go and tweet a reply.

I liked what was said in the book and I remembered by movie review days when I used to get connected with the producers and directors of movies I review about. Some of them have become good friends over the years. I knew a few things about networking but did not have a formal structure to it in the digital world and BYDN helped in that.

BYDN does not ask you to only follow the Digital foot prints. It tells you how important both the Digital and the Traditional forms of networking are and how they complement each other.

There are a few key call outs in the book that is explained well. The need to have a goal in mind and have a plan of action, and then connect and network with the people who will help you reach the goal. Kelly is sure to mention that don’t do it for the sake of doing it; be sincere and helping rather than just using the connection to further your voice.

I believe that when you listen to others, then they hear your voice with more clarity. You can only listen if you really care. I have to confess here that I am not a great listener and I need to work on it. May be using some of Kelly’s tips will help me be a better listener.

She goes on to tell how important is to remain connected and be crisp and clear on any ask you have for your network. I don’t want to give away much of the book, but get it and read it.

The book gave me some new insights into career and business prospecting that I think is very effective. The world out there needs our help and they are ready to help back. But it can happen only if you are connected and networked in the right way. And do that without discounting the importance of Real life connections.

My message and phone is always open for people who need a help, but I have not been that great at asking help, or I should say effective in and Kelly has some interesting thoughts in her book in that direction.

Nothing is perfect, Nothing should be perfect, that’s always been my motto and so I have a small suggestion. There are several infographics in the book. I am not sure if it is me, but I found it difficult to go over it and understand them well. May be I am used to power points more and when I see an image I get stuck on it till I understand it completely and am uncomfortable if I don’t. If there was a worksheet at the end of it, It could have added more value. But that’s just me.

Recommending the book to you all


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