A Movie with a Woody Allen Streak

Loved the movie. One with a Woody Allen Streak…. “The only living boy in newyork” stars an ensemble cast including Kate Beckinsale, Pierce Brosnan and Jeff Bridges. Loved Callum Turner as the protagonist young man Thomas Web who is a college graduate trying to figure what he wants to do with life.

While immersed in a one sided love with a girl Mimi Thomas also falls in love with his Dad’s (Pierce Brosnan) mistress (Kate Beckinsale), whom he had followed for a conversation to end his Dad’s relationship and save his parent’s marriage. Sounds interesting right?

Enters his life an enigmatic neighbor who is referred as W.F (Jeff Bridges) who is an alcoholic writer on dopes. There are two dialogues that stand out for me and will be with me for a long time to go.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie as Thomas and his mom talk his mom tells him

“The farthest distance in the world is between how it is and how you thought it was going to be”

And towards the end, just before things end his mom makes a reference about W.F when Thomas says W.F is messy.

Yeah, he always was an unmade bed of a man.

An Amazon original movie directed by Marc Webb and written by Allan Loeb. Watched it on Amazon Prime

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