It’s a busy street and we don’t need any endorsements

I am a feminist, but the last thing I want to get is an approval from other feminists. I am a liberal, but I don’t need the blessing of other liberals. I am an Atheist, but I do not need the validation of other Atheists. And I can be a real asshole at times, but wait… I am not in any search for other assholes out there to endorse it.

I mean it really does not matter what people think of you and who those people are. The approval of the people like you and the disapproval of people unlike you are both worth trash and bear no meaning. You got to be you and that’s the only thing that matters. People could say you look like Clooney or you look like Bukowski. To tell you the truth, I find Bukowski more enigmatic, real and attractive than Clooney, but I would not judge your choice. Nor does my like or dislike matter to Clooney of Bukowski. You look in the mirror and you see it all, you look in a mirror at another person’s house, you will still see it all. You look in another person’s eyes, that is deceiving.

You have to pierce through the lies in the eyes and feel the pain peeling away into a truth you both never knew existed. You got to be fucking brutally honest. And for honesty, you don’t need permission to be an honest guy, not from crooks, not from moral crusaders. You just have to be honest to yourself.

So Honest that you don’t need to; or you should not have to hide your rascality to live in this world. You do not need a certification from anyone whatsoever which they will give only after you calibrate your Moral Compass to suit their view of the world. The same world you are equally entitled to perceive the way you want.

But people like giving sanctions, they like giving their consent to what you don’t ask for and they will nod their ‘okay’ at every opportunity as if their Go-ahead is all that matters to catapult you to the heights or lengths you wish to go to. Well, tell them Thank You, Smile at them. Don’t mock them. They really believe that the world runs because of them. Don’t break it to them, Let them labour on their delusions as you move on with your life.

We are all on a busy street. And there is no one to grant us a license or revoke one that we have. you can drive….but don’t crash and hurt others. They have the same privilege as you, not more, not less. It is the busy street of Life, but keep in mind that all of us don’t drive and some of us go slow, some of us cross, many of us walk, some of us stand still and dream, some of us walk backwards….. we all have our unique movement… And it is a busy street…. and we don’t need any endorsements


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