Podcast Review #1 Agile for Humans

I switched from Android to iPhone last year. One of the reasons for doing so was iTunes. I was paying for a family plan as my 18 year old daughter wanted to listen to Rap and my 10 year old son (who dreams a singing career) was growing up with Beyonce and it could have 6 family members. And I wanted to listen something during my drives and walks and I said let’s switch. So after being and Android guy for a long I Switched to iPhone.

The first Podcast I started listening was the NPR’s Hidden Brain. But the most I have listened since then is Ryan Ripley’s ‘Agile For Humans’. May be because it was also giving me a lot of insights into my work as an Agile practitioner.

Why I love Ryan is there is an incredible sincerity that I witness in his shows. The show is not about Ryan it is about the people he calls on the show. There are so many Podcasts I listen and most of them are interviews. That seems to be the best format to engage the listener. And there are some where it is always about that person. But at ‘Agile for Humans’ it is the guest(s) and Agile.

If you are an Agile practitioner, you should subscribe to this Podcast. Through his Podcasts, I have come to hear of a lot of people in the space. Even though I have been practicing Agile for a while, I have never really looked at it beyond my work, until last two years.

I have been binge listening ‘Agile For Humans’ for the past few weeks starting with the current and going all the way back and now I think I am on the 50th Episode. It makes my day.

A few weeks back I also went all the way and listened to the first show. And Loved it. Ryan, Love your enthusiasm and commitment and dedication. And listening to the show; not just you, I feel connected the same way with Amitai and Don Gray and Vasco. And I have started following them on twitter

Ryan’s Podcast is not about Ryan and about his Guests and about Agile, ‘Agile for Humans’.

So when I decided I am going to start reviewing Podcasts on iTunes, I had to start with Ryan Ripley‘s  ‘Agile For Humans

Thank You Ryan and his Guests for such an engaging Podcast.

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