3/30 – Talking to Blankets – National Poetry Month 2018

I would often talk to the blanket like it was a person
sometimes I use the pillows too.
I use all sort of things
and let my creativity flow.

Once I used two cut halves of a cantaloupe
not sure why…..
then I made a hole on the blanket
and stuck a cigarette in it and lit it.
But then the phone rang and I had to run

The cantaloupe halves kind of saved me
they were pretty juicy
enough to extinguish the smoke.
that day I did not talk much.

I even had to change the blanket and the bed covers
sometimes I feel creativity is the killer
if not I could just cover myself and sleep
every day…
you can dream
I know there is no taxes on it

you can smoke as much as you want in your dreams
there are no warnings in there.
Some people have problem sleeping
but I am good at sleeping
Oh! yeah, I have mastered that art..
mastered so much that I cannot even dream.
May be that is why now –
even the nightmares are kind of funny

May be I need a new Blanket
the one I have now still smells
of smoke and fruits…
and burned dreams

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