Why do some Good People Leave a company?

I am not sure, but I have a theory. But the question is have companies really dug into this question.

Why do some Good people leave a company?

I know before we talk about it, we need to probably define what ‘Good’ means. I am sure there are companies out there that think ‘Good’ means having to pay way less than deserved and get a lot of value. But that’s not Good for me, and it is not just Bad, It is really bad!

Good in my opinion is delivering value within an 8 hour work duration and being reasonably paid for the value. I say reasonably paid because I also think some people are paid way above what they produce. Many companies do that but don’t know. So it is a balance. There is a market understanding. A few thousands up and down of what we call market should be a reasonable pay.

But why are we talking about pay? because I don’t think people leave because of being underpaid. That is one reason, but not the major one, even good paid companies lose Good people. People leave because they are not being motivated. And money is the worst motivator. especially to keep good talent within.

You can lure someone with money, but you cannot make them stay with money. 

So who is your star in the company? Someone working for 18 hours is not your star. Someone working for 8 hours and delivering value is your star. Someone who will beyond the 8 hours also think about your company is the star. Someone who will always try to find an efficient cheaper way to make things better is your star.

And you should understand that these stars do not run around shouting it with a badge on their chest or a star sign on their forehead. Many of them are invisible. Some don’t even know they are the star. If you are a company, it is your responsibility to find them.

To find, recognize and retain them. So who are the stars in your company? Find them so you know when one such star leaves you. One of the fundamental elements of being agile is the ability to find, recognize and keep great talent. People make you agile, not processes.

Rest is all fluff on paper!!! it does not mater whether you have a glazed paper or handmade, fluff is fluff

Good People leave because you don’t know who your stars are. If you don’t know it is time you start a star search in your organization. And Start Today!!!

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