6/30 | Pied Piper of Dance | National Poetry Month 2018

He got down three steps
and sat down.

He looked into the street and then
back at his home.

He looked to see if it will rain
and tried to remember the last time
he had danced in the rain.

He looked at his hands
they had grown old…
he had never thought about it
he knew his face was turning old….
he had even touched his face with his hands
but never really thought of his hands
that his hands will age…

he looked at his hands
they too have aged
has he forgotten to dance?
can he dance….?

It started to rain…
He removed his shirt and his pants
his under shirts and wears

He stepped into the rain
and walked…
he did not dance…
but we saw the dances follow him
all the various dance forms of the world

all following,
a naked man walking in the rain….

He was the pied piper for
all the dances in the world.

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