7/30 | You Have a Gay Look | National Poetry Month 2018

Are you a Gay?
You have a Gay look.
Someone posted a comment on one of my video

Since it is National Poetry Month
here in America
I thought I will reply him
with a poem

Hey Mister…..
What is a Gay look?
Do you mean the look of Leonardo Da Vinci
Renaissance polymath
who gave to the world way too less
yes…. way too less…
invention, painting, sculpting, architecture,
science, music, mathematics, engineering,
literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy,
botany, writing and history

What is a Gay look?

Is it like Alan Turing?
whose concepts of algorithm and
computation with the Turing machine,
is considered a model
of the computer that you typed
your contradistinguish comment on
Hope you know of the enigma code
Thank Turing or you would be living
in a whole different world today

What is a Gay look?

Is it like Michelangelo?
like the
Madonna of the Steps
Sistine Chapel ceiling
The Drunkenness of Noah
The Deluge
The Creation of Adam
Is it?

What is this Gay Look?

Is that the one Oscar Wilde had
when he wrote
“Tread lightly, she is near
Under the snow
Speak gently, she can hear
the daisies grow”

What is this Gay Look Mister?

Is it what Bayard Rustin had –
when he organized the March on Washington
for Jobs and Freedom.

Or the one one when he organized
the Fellowship of Reconciliation‘s
Free India Committee,
to stand on the side of India
against the British empire.

What is the Gay look Mister?
Is it that which you have identified
in people’s face
when they closet themselves
in the fear of being ostracized
by people like you and
the society you have created…

What is a Gay Look? Mister…

May be better… You should explain the
Caste name that adorn in your name….
the one you use to show off
your devient caste mentality..
Mr. Nair…
I pity you

I leave you with what Oscar Wilde
wrote for people like you

Morality is simply the attitude we adopt
towards people whom we personally dislike.

And just to add…
Yes people have said I look like Elton John
Yes I know that..
But for that you say..
You like like Elton John…
Not you have a Gay Look…..

you have to evolve a lot Mr. Nair
to know there is nothing called
a Gay Look!!!

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