Adarsh Gourav – You will hear this Name and see this face a lot in Indian Cinema

Some of you might wonder who Adarsh Gourav is? But you will not forget the face of the spoilt young brat in the Sridevi starrer movie ‘MoM’. Today as I write this Adarsh does not even have a Wiki page, but all that will change soon. To know that you should watch the film ‘Rukh’ where he has to try his mettle with none other than Manoj Bajpei.

It is true that Bajpei and Adarsh do not share the screen a lot but are amazingly intertwined in the storyline that they communicate a lot through us as their viewers. Where Bajpei leaves the screen in a silent look is amazingly carried up by Adarsh in his quiet way.

I mentioned that he is a name we will hear in Indian Cinema and not Bollywood because he is much more than your typical Bollywood. Adarsh has a unique ability to convey through his expressions. His subtle presence and ease of on-screen-ness can churn out a powerful delivery that appears so natural.

As the movie ends you can see in him a lot of characters that are yet not hit the ink and paper. This dude is going to give us a lot of performances. As many bollywood kings and Princes dance, sing and fight just to camouflage their acting struggles on the screen, it is amazing to find actors like Adarsh who can walk into the screen, look around and just speak a word or two and become the exact character.

I believe Adarsh’s promise is that we will have people who can follow Irrfan, Bajpei and Nawazuddin in the coming Generation. To be walking that bridge between art and Glitter to pour life into Bollywood acting senses.

Catch Rukh on Netflix and let’s hope to see more of Adarsh. Great Performance for this Young man. If you have a list for upcoming actors add him now, because he won’t be upcoming for long 🙂

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