Adarsh Gourav | The White Tiger | Trailer Released

I noticed Adarsh when he came in the movie Rukh alongside Manoj Bajpei and I was blown away by his acting. I was sure we will see more of him and I penned a blog on the same just for him. Here is the Blog. And then recently I caught up with him on Zoom and we had a chat. To know the person better and hear his journey.

And Now he is doing the main character in Ramin Bahrani’s upcoming movie on Netflix ‘The White Tiger based on Arvind Adiga’s best selling novel by the same name.

I am so happy for Adarsh and love to see him reach all the heights there is to reach. Waiting to see him play along side Rajkumar Rao and Priyanka Chopra.

The White Tiger and the Trailer is Out and it looks Amazing !!!!


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  1. Just finished reading it – yours has a more fun cover than mine lol. Can’t wait to watch the Netflix series! 📖 📺

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