What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up

Recently I see so much push on coding for kids… The various tools, classes online programs and every kid seems to be a coder.. or their parent and the world wants to make them one.

I think it is good but it also pressures a lot of parents who might feel their kids might be missing out if they don’t. Will every kid be a coder? I don’t know.

May be coding can be just another skill like any other language… Or subject… I have personally dabbled with this question of should I push kids to coding and then decided that let them look through things that they like… and they might go into areas that you did not even know existed…

I think what is even more important is to have a proper communication channel always open… The conversation… the trust… the freedom and courage to come to you when they make a mistake…. to ask you questions… to know you are on their side… coding or no coding…

Telling them that it is ok to chase dreams… and that might also mean some failures come your way and that you will be there for them..

A post on LinkedIn triggered me to make this video

And Here is Rahi’s YouTube Channel

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  1. Well said. Waiting for Rahi talks

    Best wishes 💐😊

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