Moronic Feelings drenched in tears

How long does it take to wash the tears from a face..? One could say it will take a long time because all tears don’t find it’s relief out of the eyes.. some well up and then disappear into some corner of the mind like they never existed.. only to appear at times we least expect it to…

I knew someone who once cried in front of me. They were truly sad, or pained… I never knew how these two emotions were different.. Sad and Pained.. both can have different expressions on the face.. That is, if face expressions are a way to define emotions.

Oh! yes, I have seen some stone faces in my life. They might be happy inside but their face looks like they are constipated. I have tried to imagine how they will express when really feel constipated… may be they will smile. who knows..

But for tears… does it matter what our facial expression is. Ten years back I used to daily sit in a commuter train and watch people’s expression. It is fun.. you can find two people talking and the emotion of ‘bored’ splashed from one face to another and yet the conversation continues.

I have seen sadness in faces… I have seen hopelessness.. I have also seen Joy… innocence and even the total disinterest… apathy…. anger that cannot be expressed in action but show up like being so naked…. the ‘meh’ look is what confuses people.. Some hide their feelings in sarcasm till they go insane….

But my favorite is that stupid look.. not when one is stupid, but when one can feel it… when every idiot around you is fighting to win in some stupidity contest and you feel like the biggest stupid having to play the witness part of the circus… what a world….

So many morons… some don’t even know it… and for them we will spare some tears.. because when they are gone… we will not be able to laugh anymore… we will miss them.. morons have a role in this world too… they keep us grounded when we think we have it all.. when they are gone we lose touch with reality…

It is not a big issue… just that let us save our tears… we can use it another day.. or a night when the bottle runs out before we know our last peg is pending… May be one such night….


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