It feels like ages since I wrote

Today I felt it has been so long since I wrote anything. There was a time when I would write every day. That was a time before videos. A time when I would wake up and think what should I pen today. Poetry, Prose, Twiction, Flash Fiction, Article, Ramblings… Anything…it did not matter… life was wordy and one could explain it in short and long sentences neatly aligned next to one another…

But now it seems like the words are rusted. Not rusted…. they are drunk, unable to walk a straight line… not even able to stand in a line.. But even crooked lines will do I guess. Second lives are much bigger than first ones because they start with a bow to the first life. May be this is a second life and let me take a bow..

What makes us write in a world where videos are taking over. I think only one thing. Stop contemplating and start writing. Or in a more polite way “Shut the Fuck up and Write”… Oops I said the F word… but who cares… writers have a word for every alphabet and they don’t treat anything less. So if an F word makes a sentence look bold in a pseudo moral society be it… Write you should…

Today we went on a drive towards Big Sur… stopped on the way and looked at the ocean.. Covid has changed our lives like nothing before… but we still remember how it was before… we only realize existence when something does not exist anymore. We remember what is lost… we love what we don’t have.. We swim where there is water.. but we dream of swimming when you know you cannot… Like heck we feel shit when we start thinking we are ok.. It is confusing.. but isn’t everything confusing…

Confused is a state of being that cannot be replicated by any other or anyone. My confusion is unique and so is yours. And if we were to have sex with someone… I am not saying we should… or maybe you should… well it is up to you… or forget sex.. the pseudo moral society does not like speaking that word loud… they don’t speak about it that we feel they don’t even like it… So say if we were to lie in a bed naked with someone and do nothing.. maybe lie down and just binge watch narcos.. not even touching one another.. and we have even our own separate blankets from the other person… just that we are naked.. just for that word… just imagine… then our confusion will be a whole new thing… you and who ever is lying next to you.. me and who ever is lying next to me… it will be totally different from our individual confusions… see confusions can never be replicated.. it is a state of ultimate being…. 

Are you getting what I said… May be not.. but I am back…. I am back to my writing self…. Thank you all for reading…. Let’s begin.. Oh.. and please my apologies for the weird imagery….


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  1. Hi Vinod jee,

    It was a pleasure to read your thoughts,
    confusions and the weird imagery 🙂 I have watched a lot of your videos and have always been inspired by them. It is indeed exciting to read that you are planning to write more. Hence, awaiting your next post..

    Thanks and regards,

    Vidya K Victor

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