Social Dilemma – The Netflix Original

The Netflix Original ‘Social Dilemma’ is the talk of town. Watched it last Friday and here is my Content Creator’s Perspective of the documentary. I had just finished a Digital Declutter… Not with total abstinence but a content creator’s Digital Declutter… This video is probably a Content Creator’s Dilemma 🙂

If you have not watched it, I highly recommend you to watch it.


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  1. Hi Vinod jee,

    Watched Social Dilemma after watching your blog. It was indeed scary to see how people are being manipulated and also felt concerned about the future. But, as you said there are positive aspects amid this dilemma. I also feel that it is an individual’s responsiblity to consciously decide on what to consume and how to react. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and keep sharing.

    Warm Regards,

    Vidya K Victor

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