Are we losing a part of us……

Sushanth’s death is a shock to a lot of people… people who knew him personally and others like us who have enjoyed watching his films and were looking forward to watching so many more amazing work form him…

That shock….. that is how people feel when they hear such a news. Whenever we hear that someone we know has ended their life… we are in a shock, and most are left with questions like ‘Why’… ‘How come we did not know’…. “I wish I had known earlier”…..

I know it because there has been two incidents in my life when I have felt like that. For in both cases I thought if I knew about it a bit earlier maybe… may be…. but we will not know… that is how things are… even if we know most of us will not act… because we will not feel that sense of Urgency to act…. this is not an individual issue but a social issue….

But when I look back I know that there are at least 15 people I knew who have taken their life… And this is why it is important for us all to talk about our feelings good and bad amongst ourselves and friends. Why it becomes important to listen to each other… And if needed take help…..

We might have also become so incapable of knowing and understanding what others are feeling… May be we are all too busy with our own lives… buried in our little comparisons and our little complaints about how things are not the best for us… and we often don’t have time for others. We don’t have time to just chat for no reason… no time to listen with care… no time to care…. and when every act of care becomes just another social media post with the likes and shares they garner… how can we ever expect to know anything about anyone…

I don’t think we are living in an all bad world.. the world was never good or bad… it is was just as it was…. but we have become so preoccupied… and everything that has made our life easier, efficient and connected is taking away something from us… I don’t think that will end either because some changes cannot be reversed… but we can try to live differently… I surely feel we are losing a part of ours without realizing it and we are not trying to save it.. and we can….

We are losing that part of us that could understand when a person wants to talk to us without having to ask for it… We are losing a part of us that used to feel happy in the company of others, even if it did not give us a photo-opp…. We are losing a part of us that does not see every situation as just a comparison or a competition… We are losing a part of us that gives ourselves and others the liberty to fail.. to be wrong.. to make mistakes…

We are losing a part of us and we have no clue about it….. The question is are we ready to do something about it… this is never an individual journey, but that of a community to break out and free itself to understand each other better…

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