To Understand Discrimination One should Acknowledge that Privilege exists #blacklivesmatter

Last few weeks have been tough for many. As the pandemic came and we saw life change for many of us, we held together. And then when we saw a human life taken in front of us…. When George Floyd was murdered.. For some it was a shock and for some it was a repetition… and then slowly it all starts sinking in.

Everyone in US in my opinion ended up with conversations within confined homes and addressing questions from kids and also trying to make a sense of themselves. We did too…

As TV and Social media showed us the various forms in which the protest was done, as parents we were again posed with questions. The best way is to be part of the movement and we as a family went out in Fremont to show our Solidarity to the #blacklivesmatter movement.

The only way you can tell your kids what is right is by being part of a movement that you all believe in. They should also know there is a peaceful way to protest and not lose our minds to the people who want to generalize every action. We also wanted kids to not generalize the police force based on that incident but also understand how discrimination and racism works and also voice against use of excessive force which does not help communities.

We are from India and I know from experience that in US we are a privileged group. We are way more privileged than an African American. I am not sure how many would agree. This where minority, privilege and so on everything should be discussed.

If you have not faced a kind of discrimination, you cannot understand about it unless you are ready to take a step forward and acknowledge your privilege. And when it comes to racism, as Indians we need to know better. The Caste System in India is a living example of both privilege and discrimination and it runs deep in the society, in India and abroad even here in US. And yet people carry the caste name with their name like some badge of honor… Look deep into oneself!!!

Again we hear some people say #alllivesmatter… which to me feels like a kind of escapism. No one said all lives don’t matter, but what the black lives face is not the same what the brown and white lives face… period… And when did you all start saying that #Alllivesmatter..? when the systemic racism took out black lives and the #blacklivesmatter movement started? How come…? Were you guys not bothered about #alllivesmatter till then…?

So it is #blacklivesmatter and not #alllivesmatter… Yes All lives do matter, but don’t use that as your excuse and yet not acknowledging and accepting your privilege.

If you think you understand racism, the answer is it is not easy to understand unless you have been subjected to it. Start by acknowledging your privilege and then may be you will start understanding.

Privilege exists even in the case of Covid-19 and I am not sure how many people acknowledge and accept that as well. Acknowledging and Accepting your privilege is the first step towards understanding discrimination.

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  1. Privilage most certainly exist!!!!!!

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