Love you Kerala Government for being so Considerate

This is a message on the GoK Direct app by the Govt. of Kerala that was launched to interact with the people during the time of Corona. Now it is not the concept of the App but the message that will blow your mind…

This message reads

“Are you at Home ?
Make sure you get enough sleep
Have a proper regular sleep pattern
Good Night”

I am not sure if there is any state or national Government in the world that on top of being so efficient in its management and fight against Covid-19 is also this considerate about citizen care…

This is just one such message and if you go in you can see the breadth of the messages and it’s way of keeping its citizens equipped and informed.. All in Malayalam…

I am sure other places can make this a model…..

Love you Kerala Government

You can download the APP GoK Direct for IOS and Android

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  1. Hi Mr. Vinod Narayan, I have been hearing and listening to most of your blocks and contents across the TV Channels and Internet.. As we all say.. freedom of expression, Some or most of the blogs and contents are really good but some of them I may not agree may be your ideas and my thoughts to that content or context may not be compatible.

    I live in Bangalore, its almost over 5 decades, my dad (late) was public sector employee, I born and brought and settled down in Bangalore. I worked in the corporate for more than 30 years most of them in the IT industries, now consultant working for start ups and social contents like rural upliftment, education and healthcare.

    Today’s or the global topic is COVID19 the new specimen in global destruction across all walks of life. As you said a big salute to the GoK or managing the COVID19 since Jan end, even before the country could assess about the virus, Kerala Govt was prepared to handle it seamlessly and set an example to rest of the nation and to the world (precise). Though the present government is average performer from the beginning of its formation with some controvertial segments like divide and rule with religion and caste, Sabarimala Temple etc, but handling COVID19 is par excellence.

    Today I was watching your programe on Kairali News Channel around 12.45pm and the topic was Post COVID19 the future of kerala, India and the globe, especially the JOB sector.. The topic good, but I dont how the world is going to respond to this particular issue. Lets forget about the world, am concern what will happen to the working class people in our country, education systems, economic development etc., As we are developing Nation or Just developed Nation, our Central Govt will over come these issues, now that nearly 260 billion dollars is been infused..

    Coming to Kerala and COVID19 (now on life will be like ” live with the virus now and future”). Though I live in Bangalore, but my heart and roots always are in my home town Trichur. Now the global evacuation is happening and there are lakhs of indians are coming back to our country for the good, I dont know how our GoK will handle the situation with regard to employment etc., What are the opportunities are available for these citizens who are coming back.. its big question of survival. May be 10% may become entrepreneur etc, but rest. Is the GoK prepared to tackle such grave crises.. Even though the GoK may create jobs, but are these people who are coming willing to take up or do such jobs.. because generally we Malayalees are lil bit egoistic. The other issue is our state is most number of migrants/guest laborers.. Why was this situation created.. Does our state is short of man power.. or our youths does not want to work in our own state.. Gulf dream is become dead end.. no more future, even similar like US, and Europe too. So why cannot the youths take up jobs in our own state and build its future.. why cannot the youngsters be come entrepreneur because there is big opportunities lie in all sectors.. This is big worrying factor.. not only in kerala but even other states too.. but in one let me say.. India is place of Opportunity of all .. its only how we can utilize and the Government should facilitate the same to be strong economy and you can achieve 5 Trillion or double in next couple of years..

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