Love you Kerala Government for being so Considerate

This is a message on the GoK Direct app by the Govt. of Kerala that was launched to interact with the people during the time of Corona. Now it is not the concept of the App but the message that will blow your mind…

This message reads

“Are you at Home ?
Make sure you get enough sleep
Have a proper regular sleep pattern
Good Night”

I am not sure if there is any state or national Government in the world that on top of being so efficient in its management and fight against Covid-19 is also this considerate about citizen care…

This is just one such message and if you go in you can see the breadth of the messages and it’s way of keeping its citizens equipped and informed.. All in Malayalam…

I am sure other places can make this a model…..

Love you Kerala Government

You can download the APP GoK Direct for IOS and Android

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