Thoughts as I look ahead at the time of Corona

There are many eminent and more knowledgable people who are putting forward their views about life before and after Corona times and I wonder if my views as a common man will matter. But may be it matters to me and this blog of mine as I am the only person blogging in here. 🙂

The past 10 days…. it has been pretty much inside our house in Fremont, California. As I hear the news and interact on social media and talk to people back home in Kerala there are a few things that come to my mind.

Whatever said and done across the world every person is relying on the Government and the Government machinery. I have always believed the role and importance of Governments. For me it is the only machinery we have a collective involvement in, even if we don’t feel part of it at times. Post Corona I think we all have to participate in making all our Governments to be more efficient and agile.

The Government of my home state in India has been very effective for it’s broad outlook at such a time of crisis. The effective way in which they are stepping up is a guiding light for others. By saying that we have taken measures that no one will go hungry in the state they are standing a step ahead of its people so it can keep them safe. They are using the phrase ‘Guest worker’ instead of ‘migrant worker’ for people coming from other states and working in the state. In a place like India where we have a saying that “Adhiti Devo Bhava” that a Guest is like God, this change of phrase so could go a long way and spread across the nation and the world.

I usually don’t take pride on something that I have had no role to play. And refrain from saying “I am proud” of a place because someone else did something. But today I cannot stop from saying I am proud that I am a Malayali, a Keralite.

Based on what is effective I think in the future also states should continue to play a major role in paving way to national level strategies especially at times of crisis.

And the fact that majority of people are embracing it without looking at politics is also refreshing… Yes we always have some rotten apples and they will remain same before and after Corona.

That said here are some questions and thoughts that I want to share with you all.

  1. People understand what freedom really is and what it means to be locked up. Will that change the way people look at things around us?
  2. I would love to see if what data we have (after we overcome this crisis) of the various impacts it had on society, environment, relationships both in positive and negative.
  3. Environment for one must have more positives and that would be interesting to know and if such lockdowns become part of our global exercise in saving the environment from our own wrong/over doing.
  4. Will we become more appreciative of a minimal life
  5. Will be realize that if we all care and share, we have enough to feed and cloth and take care of everyone in tis world?
  6. Will we know that we all hold a responsibility towards other person.
  7. Will everyone in the society start taking science seriously enough that we won’t be fooled by charlatans and miracle healers and be there by increase our scientific temper?
  8. Will we know that nothing stops if we take a day off in life to take care of our loved ones.
  9. Will people know that skipping one meeting is better than skipping one meal?
  10. Will people know that everyone in this world does not have a home to stay safe while some are worried they only have two?
  11. Will we become more distanced or more together?
  12. Or will we continue to remain socially distanced but more together in spirits?
  13. May be we will know how small things have such big impact in the world
  14. May be we will realize that even the small things can create imbalance in a world
  15. May be we will be more considerate and before
  16. Those who have the power to be more caring will become so.

I don’t know and I am sure we all have these questions in our mind. But one this is sure, the world before and after Corona are not going to be same. But I am hopeful we will emerge stronger and more caring.

Yes we will still have problems, but we might have a different way to approach the solutions. I am not saying better ways yet, but different ways for sure…

-Vinod Narayan-

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